Director de Crucero

Cruise Director

D' Ambrosio Giuseppe

I was born and grown up in Salerno, where I got a law degree and become lawyer, compiling the thesis in Barcelona and a Master degree in international maritime transportation in Trieste.

From my grandfather, chief engineer, I got the same name and the life as a sailor.

In my family there is an artistic vein: my father as painter, my brother owns a street wear brand and I share, with him and other friends, the hobby of organizing club dj sets and Indi rock live events.

I am eager for good books (Jack London, Philip Roth), visual arts (from Gauguin, to surrealists, to video-installations), including cinema (Quentin Tarantino, Cohen Brothers), theatre and, above all, my bulldog Bruno.

In MSC, since 2012, four position in four years: International Host, Event Manager, Assistant Cruise Director and first MSC Cruise Administrator for the Far East Canvas.

Start up a new canvas in Far East is not just an exciting experience, is pure adrenaline.


On board MSC Lirica*

*Information subject to change

(Updated 2016)